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      Your search for an excellent dog trainer has brought you to this site. May I suggest that you don't have to look any further than the nearest mirror?  I say this because you are equipped with one thing that even the best dog trainers don't have:  YOUR LOVE FOR YOUR DOG.  All you need is a little direction, and that's where 1GoodDog.com can help. With my training methods and experience, you can have your dog working for your love. Not treats. Not toys. Not shock avoidance. 

 I offer instruction in basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience. I can also help with:Leash pulling/skittishness ▪ Housebreaking ▪ Dog v. dog aggression ▪ Jumping up ▪ Boundary training ▪    Door Crashing ▪ Excessive Barking ▪ Resource guarding▪ Separation anxiety ▪ Crate training ▪ Chewing ▪ Play biting ▪ Digging  ▪ Marking ▪ Socialization and more.    

 If you are ready for a well behaved member of your family and would like a little "enterTRAINment, " then 1GoodDog.com  is the answer. Hit the Email Button below, call, or text your name and the words  "train dog"  to:  704-607-5888.  Let's turn your four footed problem into a new family hobby!  

Getting things started...

The initial visit starts with a brief consultation and demonstration in your home with all family members  who will be involved in the training.  This is important because the best results can only be achieved when everyone is on the same page. Should you decide that I can help you, then your first lesson can start right away!

How each lesson is scheduled...

Some dogs are brilliant,  others, well, not so. Sometimes a rigid training schedule can be counter-productive. If a dog goes on to the next lesson before he or she is ready, it can feel like you're spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast. You deserve satisfaction for your investment,  that's why lessons are scheduled based on the progress of your dog. 

My experience...

I am a Graduate of both of the United States Air Force Military Working Dog Academies in San Antonio, Texas, and at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan. I continuously trained and utilized numerous dogs in my law enforcement duties in the Philippines and then moved on to Patrick Air Base, Florida where I worked with all of the dogs stationed there as the kennel troubleshooter. After being honorably discharged,  my career path changed for several years until the dogs called me back in 2013 when I went to work for a highly regarded professional trainer in Charlotte NC. 

Kudos from Clients

I was so happy when I found my wonderful dog through Golden Retriever Rescue Club. He was 6 years old, friendly and loving. I soon realized, however, that he was not a very good boy! He didn't know commands, was not leashed trained and jumped all over any guest who entered my house. Trainer, Jay Downs, has totally turned my dog around! He now knows and obeys commands. He no longer jumps on anyone. He walks on leash with ease and even visits the folks in HomeDepot. He seems quite proud of all he has learned and now I really have   1 GoodDog!  

Marcia M.

I have an 8 month old rescue girl (Lab/Hound mix). Well, did she have issues! She would not go near anyone without violently shaking. Totally impossible to walk. She thought it was her job to walk me. When it was time for me to leave the house, forget it, I had to squeeze my way out. I tried to teach her the basics like sit, stay and come but nothing worked. Now this is nothing more than a memory. Jay Downs worked wonders with her. She is so well behaved I can walk her into PetSmart and she spends her time smiling and wagging her tail at the customers who remark on how well behaved she is. I now have a friend and not an animal. 

Bob D.

Review from Badescu family: We have a 1 year old Labradoodle, Zocco. While we tried to train him ourselves his first year we realized the training he needed was beyond our knowledge. We successfully taught him to (Sit, shake, stay, eat on command, lay down and go up). But other then these basic commands we could not get him to stop pulling on his leash, stop jumping up on us and others and staying when he see's other dogs. This is where Mr.Downs expertise and knowledge was greatly needed. With our 3 hour session, Jay successfully trained Zocco to stay with distractions, walk calmly on a leash and stay out of the kitchen while we are cooking. We were amazed at what he could accomplish in just 3 hours! The work begins after the session is over as Jay gives you the tools to maintain his training but it's up to us as owners to continue to enforce it. With anything there is no magic cure all. Jay gave us the knowledge to continue to reinforce his training. We look forward to training with him much more in the future as his methods truly work!


The 1GoodDog.com Training Philosophy 

This is Zocco

Zocco, a super sharp Labradoodle, went through my Crash Course.  In three hours, his Leash Pulling was reduced by 80%. His dog vs. dog anxiety was eliminated . He was taught to "Come" on command from end of leash and at 30 feet.. He also learned "Sit on Recall ."  He already knew the "Sit" and "Down" commands, so he was trained to execute them by hand signals only. Last, and certainly not least according to his owners, he was Boundary Trained to stay out of the kitchen. What a dog!

Just for Fun

Keep checking back for more dog videos, or better yet, email me the YouTube URL to any dog related video and I will post them...just as long as they're not mean or nasty.

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